Decentralized Digital Identity Products

Components of our Web3 Enablement Platform

At One37, we provide businesses with the platform and necessary tools to make them Web3-Ready®.

That means allowing them to issue and accept verifiable credentials, and to do so while ensuring above all a great customer experience, with all the security guarantees and compliance with applicable privacy & regulatory policies.


A Comprehensive suite of Capabilities

Next Generation Digital Identity and Credential Verification

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Using the latest digital cryptography technologies and always ensuring privacy, the one37 Universal Wallet enables consumers to Acquire, Store and Share essential documents like ID cards, Driver's licenses, College degrees, insurance policies, and more

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Business connector

Making reusable Verifiable Credentials available to business applications through our robust One37 Business Connector ensures the accuracy, completeness, and reuse of previously obtained records, Without the added burden to the individuals.

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Design Studio

This tool is a fundamental block for building and growing the digital economy of verifiable credentials. It allows users to discover how and where to obtain credentials from, and businesses to start leveraging credentials in automating their processes and monetize them.

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Enhanced AuthSuite

The One37 Enhanced AuthSuite elevates the security and user experience of your login process to new levels. No need to sign-up before signing-in. Usernames, passwords and online accounts are a thing of the past.

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This enables the community of developers and businesses to publish and license various Web3 building blocks such as Smart Contracts,Business Workflows. The availability of these libraries will bootstrap and accelerate the readiness of business applications.


We are building the new Internet