Advanced Digital Identity Wallet

Your personal privacy vault and super app in one

Digital Identity Wallets provide users the ability to store and manage personal data records, aka Verifiable Credentials.

These wallets, unlike crypto wallet, go beyond securely storing digital certificates to managing connections for the exchange of data with individuals or businesses.

The Upa! wallet enables users to acquire, store and share essential documents and records such as an ID card, a driver's license, passport, college degree, insurance policies, and more.

Upa! protects the stored data using the latest digital cryptography technologies. Only the owner has access to use or share the data, through explicit consent, with a requestor. This process is significantly simplified through a seamless biometrics liveness verification.

We deeply believe in decentralization, so we took Web3 to a whole new level. The Upa! wallet allows businesses to execute some of their process workflows directly on their customers' devices, removing the need to release private data over the Internet.

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