Digital Trust Business Connector

Verifiable Data Integration to Businesses Processes

Our robust One37 Business Connector unlocks the reuse of Verifiable Credentials to business applications, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and trust of data without any added burden or lengthy form-filling.

As "digital" is gaining accelerated adoption, people are demanding for more secure and private handling of their personal information.

The use of personal data is the everyday normal when applying for jobs, requesting bank loans, visiting a doctor...

In most cases, people verify their identity and provide additional information like employment history, education background, financial status, medical records, etc.

The omission or misrepresentation of this data can adversely impact both individuals and businesses.


A Comprehensive set of Capabilities

Next Generation Integration of Digital Identity into Business Systems.

Simple API Integration

  • Form-less data capture & processing
  • Connection-based and connection-less proof requests
  • Communication adaptor for issuing and consuming credentials

Abstract Away Tech Complexity

  • Focus on business logic rather than communication
  • Build greenfield dApps
  • Upgrade brownfield to be Digital Trust Ready

IT Operations Readiness

  • Full access to logs and real-time events
  • Extensible model for process automation
  • Scalable performance

Business Ops Readiness

  • Business transaction KPIs
  • No-code BA-defined workflows
  • Omni-channel support (over-the-phone, digital, in-person etc.)


We are building the new Internet